Correction of astigmatism Special techiques


The only correction for corneal astigmatism without keratomileusis is provided by Onnuri Smile Eye Clinic

The unique technology of Onnuri registered in the SCI world-class academic journals
Combined with the first high-tech Calisto eye in Korea and solved super-high astigmatism/mixed astigmatism over -5D

Surgery procedure

20-year know-how of astigmatism correction from medical staffs of 'corneal transplantation', the highlight of ophthalmic surgery
The cornea is recovered to a pre-astigmatic state by using tensile force without cutting the cornea.
Astigmatism patients who were unable to correct their vision can also reliably recover vision.

Your life will be more convenient without astigmatism.

  • 01Glasses customized lens is available without astigmatism
  • 02Saving the cost of buying glasses and lenses
  • 03Available immediately at opticians! (Custom made X)


Continuous research for more perfect astigmatism correction

  • 2017

    Clinical results of 141 eyes of SMILE after correction of astigmatism

    Over 2,000 cases of astigmatic correction surgery

  • 2016

    LASIK surgery after astigmatism correction

    Appointment of Callisto Eye Astigmatism Research Center

  • 2015

    Astigmatism correction with impossible conditions for SMILE

  • 2014

    Remained astigmatism after ICL + cataract surgery

  • 2001

    Start corneal correction to protect the cornea

Special astigmatism correcting techniques without cutting cornea

#Advanced astigmatism
#Corneal preservation

Inspection / Surgery procedure

  • Inspection

    Thorough preoperative examination

  • FM astigmatism correction

    The only solution for astigmatism correction that makes cornea safe

  • SMILE/ Lens insertion / LASIK / LASEK

    Selective cross-linking surgery