Presbyopia/cataract High-quality vision correction


Constant youth in generation of 100-year old

  • What is presbyopia? (Refraction degradation)

    It is a phenomenon that you cannot see close objects because the elasticity of the lens becomes weakened and they become thick and ciliary muscle of eye is weakened as you age.

  • What is cataract? (Embryo)

    It is a disease that lens become blurred like a steamed window and vision is lowered. You need to have treatment before your vision is deteriorated.

Onnuri is The solution of presbyopia correction.

'Presbyopia' and 'cataract' can be solved at once.
We can provide a better result using our own surgical skills with single-hole, balanced salt solution, and astigmatic correction, etc.

  • Lasik for presbyopia

    A corneal flap was made with femtosecond laser like LASIK surgery and corrected with excimer laser

  • Presbyopia + cataract lens inserting technique

    Simultaneous resolution of cataract and presbyopia by inserting a multifocal intraocular lens for both near and far vision

Presbyopia cataract only from Onnuri

More than 20,000 cataract surgeries over the last 20 years! The core technology from challenging cataract surgery for presbyopia

  • Single hole with minimal corneal injury (single hole)

  • the use of BSS solution for the safety of the cornea

  • Comfortable without glasses with simultaneous correction of cataract and astigmatism

More perfect results of cataract with astigmatism using high-tech devices.

Double check by high-tech professional measuring equipment and skilled medical staffs prior to proceeding the surgery.
Double-check by two medical staffs can dramatically increase accuracy of astigmatic correction in targeting astigmatism.

  • IOL 700

    IOL 700

    Precisely collect the information necessary for surgery such as eye length, anterior chamber depth, and astigmatism axis

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  • Callisto Eye

    Callisto Eye

    Precisely guide the axis, degree, and position of incision for astigmatic correction

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  • Lumera 700

    Lumera 700

    Assist Callisto Eye astigmatism guidelines during the surgery

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Medical services for cataract treatment in Sri Lanka

Onnuri has participated in Eye Camp medical services of Sri Lanka vision care (International blind relief organization under WTO) since 2006.

High-quality vision correction for middle-aged and elderly

#Simultaneous resolution of presbyopia and cataract
#Multifocal IOL

Inspection / Surgery procedure

  • Inspection

    Thorough preoperative examination

  • FM astigmatism correction

    Selective cross-linking surgery

  • LASIK for presbyopia

    Young presbyopia without cataract

  • Presbyopia lens inserting technique

    Treat cataract and presbyopia at once