SMILEPatented 1mm SMILE Lasik


Safer surgery with the first 1mm incision in Korea and faster recovery!

The reduced corneal incision makes the sensory nerves on the surface of the cornea not to be cut off.
Dry eye syndrome ↓ Possibility of glow/halo

  • 20mm LASIK

  • 2~4mm SMILE

  • 1mm Onnuri SMILE


The only combined surgery of SMILE · astigmatism correction in Korea

Onnuri Smile Eye Lasik can treat patients with high astigmatism using our unique technique that reduces corneal cutting up to 52% in maximum.

  • General vision correction

  • Vision correction added with astigmatism correction



Two unique technologies and exclusively developed equipment

  • Triple centration techniques

    Published centration techniques considering the accuracy of operation ↑ and quality of vision ↑ for the first time in Korea

    Centration video

  • Swing technique which keeps Corneal damage to a minimum

    Chung's swing technique developed after Director. Youngtaek Chung with less operation time and faster recovery speed. The first case in Korea that a surgery technique named after an ophthalmologist is published in the paper

    Swing technique video

  • 1mm exclusive equipment, LEMI

    Development of devices suitable for minimal incision and minimal laser, which enables smooth separation of lenticule, a tool with a half thickness of the conventional one

    LEMI video image


Published 11 papers of SMILE for the first time and the most in Korea

Proved efficiency and safety of SMILE by publication in the world-renowned academic journals such as CORNEA and JRS.
Director, Buki Kim awarded the scholarly prize in Social Science Prize of the City of Seoul in 2017

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Presentation at the World Association of Invited Lectures in Korea and overseas

The world is attracted by the journey of Onnuri, leading SMILE by announcing unique technologies in the USA, Canada, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia!

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Patented 1mm SMILE Lasik

#First patent in Korea
#The only training center in Korea

Inspection / Surgery Procedure

  • Inspection

    Thorough preoperative examination

  • FM astigmatism correction

    Selective cross-linking surgery

  • 1mm SMILE

    Faster recovery and safer SMILE

  • Xtra

    FM astigmatism correction Selective cross-linking surgery