Stronger cornea!
A new alternative to conical cornea and myopia

The first research paper in korea, 'Xtra SMILE' research paper for the first time in Korea

Surgery procedure

Corneal collagen cross-linking has already been practiced in more than 100 million cases globally and is currently used in more than 50 countries for treatment and prevention.

You are able to keep a healthy vision for a long time

VibeX (riboflavin) which is a material used for corneal collagen cross-linking is a substance involved in cell growth and metabolism.
It is activated by UV-A while protecting the cornea at the same time.
Avedro and Midio-Haus have earned European CE mark as a result of their long-term research and know-how. And it has been proven in many studies that they keep a good vision for a long time.

Double the efficiency with the Xtra

LASIK, LASEK, and SMILE are all certified surgical procedures, but the structure of the cornea may be weakened after the surgery depending on patients.
If Xtra is added after LASIK, LASEK, SMILE, corneal power and stability will improve.


Published successful result of Xtra SMILE for the first time in Korea

The research paper of Xtra SMILE has proven that combination of Xtra + SMILE is effective for patients with severe myopia or with thin cornea. (2017, Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society)

Avedro Extra Expert Surgeon

Onnuri Smile Eye Clinic was appointed as Avedro Excellence Center and was officially certified as Xtra expert medical team.

Xtra +

#Strengthen corneal tissue
#Corneal collagen cross-linking

Inspection / Surgery procodure

  • Inspection

    Thorough preoperative examination


    Customized vision correction for personal conditions

  • Xtra

    Strengthen the weakened cornea after surgery