• Contribution

    The practice of social medical service along with neighbours

    #Free LASIK for 380 firefighters and 152 police officers
    #Voluntary medical services for 560 people in Sri Lanka(cataract surgery)
    #Establishment of the first eye bank among private clinics
    #Free corneal transplantation for 325 patients

  • Premium

    Provide advanced medical care for patients

    #Possess the best SMILE success rate in the world
    #Have four patents of extremely minimal incision making technologies and devices
    #Fast recovery, minimized light blurring and dry eyes
    #The study result for maximum preservation of cornea complimented by Carl Zeiss

  • Specialty

    Lead innovative treatment technology including papers and invited presentations overseas

    #Published 10 papers of SMILE for the first time and the most in Korea
    #The first case of SMILE in the world to a corneal transplant patient
    #The first success of combined surgery of SMILE and correction of astigmatism for patients who Were diagnosed inoperable

    특허 및 인증

The best technology in the world,
Onnuri Smile Eye Clinic

As recognized as the top authority in the field of corneal transplantation in academia, we are constantly researching new technology development and promise that the most ideal surgical results with our abundant clinical experience.

Youngtaek Chung Director

The doctor who has developed specialty of ophthalmology for decades and is registered in Marquis
who’s who in the world, one of the world's three major human dictionaries

  • Director of Onnuri Smile Eye Clinic
  • Professor of Medical Science College and Adjunct Professor
  • Medical doctor / Ophthalmologist
  • Cornea specialist doctor & professor
  • Achieved 400 cases of corneal transplantations, which is highest among private clinics in Korea
  • 1,000 cases of LASIK for the first time among domestic university hospitals
  • Achieved a total of 60,000 cases for individual vision correction operations
  • Conducted LASIK operation of Bill Clinton's Family, the former US President

Buki Kim Director

Published 10 papers of SMILE for the first time and the most in Korea.
Registered in Marquiz Hughes, the world's three major human dictionary

  • Director of Onnuri Smile Eye Clinic
  • Ophthalmologist

Jisun Kim Director

We Pay attention to true treatments to cure the heart of patients

  • Director of Onnuri Smile Eye Clinic
  • Ophthalmologist